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Dunbar ADHD Center

Phone: (803) 777-ADHD (2343)
Fax:      (803) 935-5380

Midlands Center
8301 Farrow Road, Poplar Building
Columbia, South Carolina 29203

At the Dunbar ADHD Program our primary goal is to offer a one-stop center to address ADHD issues relating to the home, the school and within the child.   We will provide to parents and children practical and effective recommendations that will be family friendly and useful at school.   Information will be collected from the parents, the child (where appropriate), the school and other professionals within the community.   This will allow us to provide both the most appropriate treatment and the educational steps necessary for the child’s success.


Robin Welsh, MD— Dr. Welsh is a board certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist with 16 years’ experience working with children and issues related to ADHD. She is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics on the faculty of the USC School of Medicine and the Director of the Dunbar ADHD Program.  Dr. Welsh has worked in the public, private and academic sectors of child psychiatry in South Carolina. She has served as a consultant to several Midlands schools and is a speaker on the topic of ADHD throughout the state of South Carolina.  Dr. Welsh has been an investigator in several research studies addressing a variety of issues relating to ADHD.  She provides training to a broad range of medical professionals including medical students and pediatric residents at the USC School of Medicine.

W. Mark Posey, PhD— Dr. Posey is an Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics on the faculty of the USC School of Medicine.  He is a licensed school psychologist.  Dr. Posey spent 12 years in the public school system working with parents of children with special needs and many agencies that served as resources for those parents.  He has expertise in the assessment & its translation into practical use for teachers, parents and other professionals.   He is in his 15th year on the USC School of Medicine faculty.  He acts as a liaison between assessment results and a child’s school programming and conducts workshops for parents and other professionals on the topic of ADHD for countless organizations every year.